I’m my own bae


when a boy has a cute nose it’s all over

St. Louis, 27/08.


niall in his crossed out monday shirt pisses me off his mondays are like saturdays he’s so rich he could buy mondays and make them saturdays or just pass a law that they’re called niallday, he could buy the entire week

Houston - 8/22/14

*female celeb's nudes leak*: OMG what a slut why would she expose herself like that knowing they could end up online
*male celeb's nudes leak*: the poor guy why would someone leak his nudes wtf talk about an invasion of privacy!!!



i’m 1d as fuck


Three Cheers for ‘te Birthday Boy! Lov ya Buddie!

I really wanted to draw Liam surrounded by an aura of petty lights okay.

Happy 21st Liam!! You’re a big boy now! Hip hip hooray!!! *.⋆( ˘̴͈́ ॢ꒵ॢ ˘̴͈̀ )⋆.*

If you fall asleep next to Niall, in the middle of the night, he’ll curl up into a ball around you! Seriously, it makes you his toy!